Press Releases from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Ken Martin Unanimously Re-Elected to Lead Democratic State Parties


Ken Martin was unanimously reelected President of the Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC), the organization within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that works to organize, coordinate with, and advocate for Democratic State Parties across the nation. Martin was first elected to lead the ASDC in 2017. In addition to this role, Martin also serves as the Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

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DFL Chair Slams Kistner for Inflammatory Language Urging Followers to “Fight Back to Protect America”


DFL Chairman Ken Martin slammed Republican Congressional Candidate Tyler Kistner for his inflammatory attacks on Minnesota’s elections and for encouraging “patriots” to “fight back to protect America.” Kistner, who lost his bid to unseat U.S. Representative Angie Craig by thousands of votes last November, filed numerous legal challenges seeking to throw out the results of a legitimate election and repeatedly called into question the validity of November’s results.

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MNGOP BPOU Chair Threatens “Casualties” for Officials Upholding the Integrity of Elections


The Minnesota DFL Party is condemning violent threats issued by a Minnesota Republican Party BPOU Chair on the steps of the Minnesota Capitol. Alley Waterbury, Chair of the House District 53A Republican Party, used violent rhetoric to both encourage protesters to visit the homes of judges and elected officials opposed to efforts to baselessly overturn the 2020 election and to spur on the rioters in Washington D.C.

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