DFL Party Leadership

Congressional District Chairs

CD 1: Caitlin Nicholson

CD 2: James Hepworth

CD 3: Cheryl Poling

CD 4: Greg Hansen

CD 5: Scott Graham

CD 6: Tamara Polzin

CD 7: Jennifer Cronin

CD 8: Emily Nygren


State Party Standing Committees

Outreach and Inclusion: Bahea Manasra and Eric Won, Co-Chairs

Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules: Ann Friedrich and Tim O’Brien, Co-Chairs

Platform & Issues: Kathryn Nelson and Philip Adam, Co-Chairs

Party Affairs and Coordinated Campaign: Jeffrey Strand and Phyllis Richerson, Co-Chairs

Nominations & Search:  Buck Humphrey and Kyrstin Schuette, Co-Chairs

History:  Megan Thomas, Chair & Historian, Jacob Grippen, Co-Chair


Staff Listing

The DFL Party Headquarters is located at 255 E. Plato Blvd. in St. Paul. This building is staffed year-round by professionals in finance, communications, party affairs, training, data and targeting, and the coordinated campaign program to assist DFLers at all levels.You can find out more about the staff here.

Local Party Unit Listing

For a complete list of our party units, you can find them here. You can search to find the units in your area on our get involved page!