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Scott County GOP Compares President Biden to Hitler and Stalin


One day after a federal grand jury indicted former President Donald Trump for retaining classified documents containing, among other things, information on possible vulnerabilities of the United States to military attack, the Scott County chapter of the Republican Party of Minnesota posted the following image to their Facebook page which incorrectly blamed President Joe Biden for Trump’s indictment and compared Biden to historical mass murderers:

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement condemning the offensive rhetoric and demanding an apology from the Republican Party of Minnesota:

“Donald Trump was indicted by a jury of his peers for jeopardizing our national security, stealing classified documents, and storing them at unsecured locations in a resort. Using that indictment to compare President Biden to some of the worst mass murderers in human history is as baseless as it is disturbing and offensive.

“The fact that a unit of David Hann’s Republican Party thinks the rule of law in America is similar to the genocidal dictatorships of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin is proof of just how radicalized the Republican base has become. Hann should step up and condemn this rhetoric if he cares about restoring sanity and civility to politics, but I’m not holding my breath.”