Press Releases from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

DFL Party Executive Committee Updates Rules To Allow For Individuals Who Engage In Violence To Be Banned From DFL Events or From Seeking the DFL Endorsement


Tonight, following the conflict that broke out during the Ward 10 Endorsing Convention in Minneapolis, the Minnesota DFL Party’s Executive Committee convened and passed two changes to the party’s bylaws. These changes put more tools at the DFL Party’s disposal to keep DFL events safe and ensure anyone engaged in violence at a DFL event is held accountable.

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DFL Party Announces 2023 Humphrey Mondale Award Winners


Today, the Minnesota DFL Party is announcing the five award winners that will be honored during the party’s 11th Annual Humphrey Mondale Dinner for their significant contributions to the DFL Party and Minnesota. The five awards, Mondale, Humphrey, Wellstone, Freeman & Growe, are named after historic DFL leaders whose legacies inspire our movement to build a better Minnesota for all.

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