Senate District 62

The home of George Floyd Square

Senate District Convention was held

On Saturday April 9th.
109 delegates registered.
Major accomplishments;
Endorsement of Hodan Hassan For re-election in 62B
Endorsement of Aisha Gomez for re-election in 62A
Endorsement of Omar Fateh for re-election in 62

Election of the following officers
Chair – David Tilsen
Vice Chair. – Ikram Osman
Secretary. – Aaron Paul Kieth
Treasurer. – Larry Etkin
Outreach – Jadzia Sembla

Seven delegates and four alternates to the DFL State Central Committee,
25 delegates and five alternates to the DFL State convention.

We also received candidates for Minneapolis School Board, 5th District Chair, Hennepin County Sherriff, and Hennepin County attorney.

We heard from Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, Secretary of State Steve Simon, and congress person Ilhan Omar.

The convention was called to order just after 11:00 AM and was adjourned before 2:30.

Senate District 62 covers the heart of South Minneapolis. We care about our community and we take action to effect change that benefits everyone.

We work to elect DFL leaders to all levels of government including: Minneapolis Mayor, City Council, School and Park Boards, Board of Estimate and Taxation, Hennepin County Attorney, Minnesota Legislature, and United States Congress.

As Minnesota’s most racially and ethnically diverse senate district, we place inclusion and participation at the forefront of everything we do and work to ensure that every voice is heard.

We are open and seeking volunteers to work with us.  If you would like to help with precinct circuses this year, or an endorsing convention for our state house and senate candidates, or to build the local unit, we would love to encourage you.

We are seeking precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs.

Duties of the Precinct Chair and Vice Chair(s)

The Precinct Chair and Vice Chair(s) are the face and voice of the DFL party at its grass roots level: the precinct.

Find your Precinct here.
Find a map here.

Precincts are geographic neighborhoods, and the politically like-minded people who live within them. Every level in the DFL is built on the grass roots organization that happens in precincts. As precinct leaders, you are the point of contact for neighbors interested in the DFL. You can be the change makers in your neighborhood.

As an official member of the DFL organization for a 2-year term, you are expected to attend the SD62 Central Committee regular meetings monthly and to help elect local progressive candidates by doing the following:

  • Build relationships with precinct caucus participants over the next two years
  • Communicate via emailing, phoning, a blog, or social media
  • Let people know about SD62 and other DFL events
  • Hold precinct events
  • Find more DFLers in your precinct
  • Record and pass along info about others who might help the DFL and campaigns
  • Get people registered to vote
  • Pass out the DFL sample ballot and campaign literature for endorsed candidates
  • Get your precinct DFLers out to vote at election time

Your attendance at SD62 Central Committee regular meetings and work on SD62 projects and events is critical and will give you lots of ideas about things you can do in, and communicate within, your precinct. Your participation within SD62 will also allow you to bring your ideas to the table for adoption and implementation.


Accommodation Resources

Here you can find some recommendations as well as resources on planning unit events.


DFL Party Documents

Here you can find the DFL Constitution, Official Call, Platform, and Action Agenda.


2021 Model Virtual Convention Rules