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Tyler Kistner Touts Endorsements from Far-Right Extremists


In an apparent effort to prevent a primary challenge from the right, Kistner proudly promotes support from lawmakers renowned for espousing homophobia, racism, COVID-19 denialism and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election  

St. Paul, MN – This week, failed Republican congressional candidate Tyler Kistner proudly touted endorsements from far-right Minnesota extremists Steve Drazkowski and Dan Hall. In a pair of posts to Twitter, Kistner informed voters that he was “honored” to receive support from legislators best known for denying COVID-19,  opposing same-sex marriage, resisting school integration and sewing doubt about the integrity of the 2020 election.

“They say you are the company you keep, and by touting endorsement from far-right zealots like Steve Drazkowski and Dan Hall, Tyler Kistner is telling voters in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District exactly who he is,” said Brian Evans, Spokesman for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer Labor Party. “After complaining about his own ‘rigged election and suing to overturn the will of Minnesota voters, Kistner has decided to double down, joining forces with those who have made a career of undermining our elections, opposing lifesaving public health measures and proudly espousing racist and homophobic ideology.”  

Kistner, who has not received an endorsement from the National Republican Campaign Committee and has struggled with fundraising this year, is likely attempting to prevent a primary challenge from right-wing members of the Minnesota Republican Party – at least one of whom has told supporters he may seek the GOP nomination in the Second Congressional District.

A few lowlights from Kistner’s new far-right backers:  

Steve Drazkowski:

  • Drazkowski has repeatedly spread baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election in Minnesota, arguing that there was “massive systemic voter fraud in Minnesota,” before promoting and reportedly attending a cyber symposium hosted by noted conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.
  • In a Facebook post advertising a campaign event with Scott Jensen, Drazkowski described commonsense public health measures in Minnesota as “medical tyranny.”

Dan Hall:

  • Arguing in opposition to a same-sex marriage bill signed into law in 2014, Hall claimed that same-sex marriage “will split our schools, our churches, our towns, our counties, our state. It will hurt businesses and confuse children. More than any single issue has ever done since the civil war.”