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ICYMI: Minnesota lawmaker retweeted Denver shooter’s promotion of neo-fascist book


This morning, the Minnesota Reformer reported that Republican State Senator Roger Chamberlain, the Chair of the Senate Education Committee, retweeted the man who recently killed five and injured two in the Denver area.

Chamberlain specifically retweeted the shooter’s promotion of the Bronze Age Mindset, a neo-fascist manifesto advocating violence that both Chamberlain and the shooter are fans of. Chamberlain was also one of the less than 200 people the Denver shooter followed on Twitter.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“The online extremist circles that State Senator Roger Chamberlain travels in includes neo-fascists, neo-Nazis, and now a spree killer. What more does Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller need to finally take action and remove Chamberlain as Chair of the Senate Education Committee? Parents don’t want an extremist like Roger Chamberlain making policy for their children’s schools.

“Time and time again, Senate Republicans have refused to police their own members when they promote dangerous, violent, and radicalizing material online. Minnesotans who are sick and tired of the worst our politics has to offer should vote Senate Republicans out of office this November.”

Minnesota Reformer: Minnesota lawmaker retweeted Denver shooter’s promotion of neo-fascist book


“Minnesota state Sen. Roger Chamberlain, R-Lino Lakes, once retweeted a tweet promoting a violent neofascist book.

The Twitter posting was by the man who killed five people and injured two more in a shooting spree across the Denver metro area last Monday.

The gunman, Lyndon McLeod, followed Chamberlain on Twitter, one of fewer than 200 people he followed on the social media platform.”

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