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ICYMI: All 5 MN GOP Gov Candidates Don’t Believe Biden Legitimately Won The Presidential Election


During last night’s GOP gubernatorial debate, all five of the remaining candidates in the race refused to say that Joe Biden fairly and legitimately won the presidential election in 2020. From claims of thousands of additional mail-in ballots to hundreds of deceased people voting to ballot harvesting right here in Minnesota, the conspiracy theories came straight from Donald Trump and Mike Lindell’s playbook.

Both Paul Gazelka and Scott Jensen have previously shared their support for Mike Lindell and his efforts to spread the “Big Lie” and get rid of voting machines over baseless and debunked claims that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Chairman of the Minnesota DFL Party, Ken Martin, released the following statement:

“These conspiracy theories make it clear that all five Republican candidates for governor have more allegiance to Donald Trump than they do to Minnesotans and our democracy. Every candidate launched baseless and reprehensible attacks on the legitimacy of our elections in order to spread fear and disinformation. We must all come together to reject these blatant attacks on democracy if we are to remain a country with free and fair elections.”

Find excerpts from the debate below:

Scott Jensen:

“I do know that there were abuses with vouching, harvesting ballots, the absentee ballot system, the mail-in ballots. I do know that there were dead people that voted, and I know that because some of my patients told me where, when a loved one had died, and they got a ballot in the mail.”

Paul Gazelka:

“So what I would say is I don’t think the election was fair, but I do think we have the results that we have, and the Electoral College is the way we determine the election. Each state does their own deal. I’m not a big fan of how that all played out. I focused on Minnesota.”

Mike Murphy:

I do believe there was voter fraud at a massive scale across this country. Can I pinpoint the evidence down and everything? No, absolutely not. I’m not privy to the scheme and the insight of where it happened. But we did know that it did occur here during the primary in Ilhan Omar’s district, and Project Veritas exposed that, with ballot harvesting.”

You can watch the full debate here.