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Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Jensen And Other GOP Legislators To Raise Money For Woman With Warrant For Her Arrest


Jensen and other GOP Legislators will appear at a fundraiser this weekend to raise money for an Albert Lea woman who faced an active warrant for her arrest for violating COVID-19 restrictions. 


This weekend, gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen and other GOP legislators will speak at a fundraiser for Lisa Hanson, an Albert Lea wine bar owner who had an active warrant for her arrest and faces nine misdemeanor criminal counts, for violating COVID-19 restrictions. The fundraiser is to “support her legal fight”.

Scott Jensen has made a name for himself as a COVID conspiracy theorist, has spread misinformation about COVID-19, posted anti-vaccine videos on social media, and was recently kicked off Tik-Tok for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Since long before he announced his campaign for governor, Scott Jensen has pushed dangerous conspiracy theories even going so far as accusing our frontline medical providers of inflating the COVID death rate for their financial gain – it is hardly a surprise that he is now fundraising to support someone whose claim to fame is refusing to recognize the danger of this pandemic. Republicans like Scott Jensen cannot claim to support law and order while encouraging Minnesotans to break the law and put their communities at risk.

“Minnesotans should be able to trust a doctor when it comes to public health, but Jensen continues to put his political career over the health and well-being of our community. Scott Jensen can not be trusted as a doctor, let alone as governor.”