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Emmer Sells GOP to Marjorie Taylor Greene for $175,000


Emmer thanked Greene for campaign cash after it was revealed that Greene expressed support for executing prominent Democrats

Today, based on new reporting from CNN, the Minnesota DFL Party is sharply criticizing Tom Emmer for selling his party out to Marjorie Taylor Greene in exchange for campaign cash.

CNN recently reported that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), run by Tom Emmer, hosted a call to demand that Republican Representatives stop criticizing one another. On the call:

“…Republicans committed to filling the NRCC’s coffers, including controversial freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Georgia Republican promised to pay her dues and transfer $175,000 to the NRCC, which prompted the committee’s chairman, Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer, to thank her during the call, the sources said.”

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has a history of extremist behavior, ranging from overt racism to open support of the QAnon conspiracy theory to her bigoted demands that Representatives Omar and Tlaib retake their Congressional oaths on a bible. This week, Greene faced scathing criticism over newly-discovered and deeply disturbing behavior, including:

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement on Emmer’s ongoing support for Greene:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is an embodiment of the dangerous extremism threatening to take over the Republican Party and Tom Emmer has opened the doors and invited her in. By accepting Greene’s campaign cash, Tom Emmer is selling the Republican Party to an unhinged and violent bigot.

“Emmer cannot claim to denounce violence while embracing a woman who encourages it. Emmer cannot claim to desire unity while stifling criticism of a woman who shares more in common with Capitol insurrectionists than her fellow members of Congress.

“By failing to summon the minuscule amount of moral fiber it takes to denounce a violent, bigoted, QAnon-supporting Congresswoman, Tom Emmer has made it clear that Republicans have lost the battle against their party’s most dangerous and extreme elements.”