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DFL Party Statement on the Results of Question 2


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement regarding the results of question two in Minneapolis: 

 “The failure of question 2 makes it clear that Minnesotans don’t want fewer police officers. We want fair, transparent, accountable, and well-resourced police departments that protect and serve our communities. Democrats in Minnesota are committed to improving public safety by investing in our criminal justice system while fighting for common-sense police reform measures.

“Let me be clear, tonight’s results are not a mandate for the status quo. Minnesotans will not tolerate more senseless and needless loss of life at the hands of the Minneapolis police. We must continue working hard to pass meaningful police reform, but we must also recognize and reaffirm the vital and irreplaceable role that the police play in our society.

“I reject the notion that public safety and police reform are in tension with one another. The truth is that the two are inextricably intertwined. To have one, we must have the other. It is time for Republicans to dispense with the false notion that Democrats want to defund the police and join with us to deliver a robust public safety system that serves all Minnesotans.

“While question two has been decided, there is still a lot of work to do to rebuild the trust between the citizens of Minneapolis and the police. Republicans have offered nothing but platitudes and political opportunism when faced with this dilemma, whereas Democrats have plans to bridge that divide, restore trust, and ensure every Minnesotan is safe in their community.”