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DFL Party Statement on Rich Stanek’s Run for Governor


Today, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement in response to disgraced former public official Rich Stanek’s announcement of his candidacy for governor of Minnesota:

“Rich Stanek spent his political career mired in inappropriate controversy and disgraced himself by repeatedly using the n-word and defending his use of it. His repeated use of racial slurs, his long standing opposition to common-sense gun safety measures, and the multiple police brutality lawsuits against him make him unfit for the office of governor and a downright dangerous option for Minnesotans.”

After his repeated use of the n-word became public knowledge in 2004, Stanek was forced to resign by Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty. 

Stanek has also embraced an extreme right-wing agenda that is out-of-touch with Minnesotans. He has repeatedly opposed gun safety measures that would protect Minnesotans from gun violence, including universal background checks. Stanek has also criticized paid family and medical leave programs.

Stanek lost his re-election campaign for Hennepin County Sheriff in 2018.