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DFL Party Responds to GOP Contract on Minnesota


Today, the Minnesota DFL Party slammed the plan released by Minnesota Republicans to disregard the COVID-19 pandemic and allow for a total reopening of the state of Minnesota.

In releasing their “Contract to Open Minnesota”, Republicans doubled down on their reckless disregard for the pandemic that has killed over 223,000 Americans and 2,200 Minnesotans by proposing to permit restaurants, bars, and other venues to completely reopen with no capacity, social distancing, or masking requirements.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Make no mistake, the Minnesota Republican Party’s plan to entirely ignore COVID-19 is going to get people killed. Republican leaders like Donald Trump, Paul Gazelka, Kurt Daudt, and Jennifer Carnahan have already exposed Minnesotans to COVID-19 through their reckless campaigning and this plan will only make things worse.

“Today’s announcement amounts to little more than a contract on Minnesota. If Republicans win in 15 days, COVID-19 cases will spike, hospitals will be overwhelmed, and more Minnesotans will lose their lives to the coronavirus. This is the last thing Minnesota voters want, especially at a time when cases are already spiking across our state.”