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DFL Hits Rep. Mortensen With Campaign Finance Complaint


Mortensen broke the rules by controlling an unregistered political committee

ST PAUL – Today, the Minnesota DFL Party filed a complaint against Representative Erik Mortensen and the North Star Liberty Alliance with the Campaign Finance Board related to NSLA’s failure to register with the Board and Rep. Mortenson’s illegal exercise of control over the political committee.

The North Star Liberty Alliance is an overtly-partisan organization focusing its attacks on the “radical left” and its other political enemies.  As such, it is required to register with the Campaign Finance Board and disclose all of its contributions and expenditures.  Instead, it hides its activities behind the false mantle of non-partisan organization focused on promoting liberty.

Rep. Mortensen pulls the strings of the Alliance and recently sent a fundraising letter describing all of the things “we” will do to defeat his political opponents.  This is a violation of Minnesota campaign finance law, which prohibits candidates from exercising direct or indirect control over a political committee. A copy of the complaint is included below.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement regarding the complaint:

“Representative Mortensen’s violation of campaign finance law is just the latest example of the pattern of dishonest, unethical, and sleazy behavior he’s been engaged in since before he was even elected to the State House. By exercising control over an unregistered political committee, Mortensen is seeking to continue his unfounded attacks on his political opponents from the shadows, hidden from the light of the campaign finance disclosures required by law. Mortensen’s constituents deserve better than this corrupt and crooked behavior and I hope they will act to stop it the next time they cast their votes. If Mortensen can’t be trusted to follow our laws, he should not be trusted to make them either.”