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Looking Ahead 


Monday, June 28, 2021 is Otter Tail County DFL monthly meeting.  Just drop Mike a note and he will send you the zoom sign up.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Otter Tail County DFL Annual Picnic will take place at Pebble Lake Park Shelter, 1911 Pebble Lake Golf Drive, just south of Fergus Falls on Hwy 59, from 5 pm to 8 pm.  No charge to participate, suggest donation $10 per person / $20 per family to cover the cost of a meal.

Join us for food and friendship, hear the real news and discussions.






Our Mission Statement:


Promote the values of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party, encourage and increase participation in events, recruit and support candidates, and insure that the voices in Otter Tail County are heard in the legislative process.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide organization, support, foster and promote understanding of the issues and ideas contained in the Democratic Party Platform. We will be a vehicle for participation in the Democratic process, which will improve the quality of life in our Community, our State and our Nation


Minnesota DFL Party


Learn more about our party


The Minnesota DFL has a rich history of electing strong, progressive leaders to public office. We work every day to build a better Minnesota for all Minnesotans.



The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party was created on April 15, 1944, after the Minnesota Democrats merged with the Farmer-Labor Party.  Hubert H. Humphrey was instrumental in the merger and is considered by many to be the founder of the Minnesota DFL Party.

The DFL’s story first began during the 1920s, when representatives of the Nonpartisan League in Minnesota entered candidates for state election under the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party. The party’s platform consisted of progressive agrarian reform, the protection of farmers and union workers, the public ownership of railroads, utilities, and natural resources, and social security legislation.

The party earned popularity and legislative legitimacy, even gaining victories in Minnesota State and Congressional elections over candidates of the two major parties. From 1921 to 1941, constituents elected three governors, four U.S. senators, and eight U.S. representatives under the affiliation of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party. Then, on April 15, 1944, the party united with the Minnesota Democratic Party to form the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

The first DFL governor, Orville Freeman, was elected in 1954. Since then, the DFL Party has earned majorities in the state House and Senate, elected some of our nation’s most respected officials to the U.S. House and Senate, and put DFLers in the White House with Vice Presidents Hubert H. Humphrey and Walter Mondale.

For more than seventy years, the Minnesota DFL has worked tirelessly to enact progressive policies and provide a platform for those who need it the most. We believe that every Minnesotan has a right to stable employment with fair wages, to a proper education, to raise and provide for a family, to accessible and affordable healthcare, to live in safe communities, and to retire with dignity and security. We have made a lot of progress over the course of our party’s history, but there is still much more to do to ensure no one is left behind. Together, we will continue to build an even better Minnesota for all Minnesotans.



Dear Otter Tail County Democrats,

Thank You!   This election season gave us hope.  We had many of concerns which were on the ballot, including healthcare and economic security for rural residents. In addition, issues of equity were promoted, giving voice to the promises offered to all and that many of us take for granted — but in the case of some opponents, claimed inequality to be a “sidebar” consideration. Throughout the campaign season, voters had opportunities to hear options for solving problems by inclusive measures. Whether advocating for water quality by bringing constituency groups—farmers and environmental advocates—together or advocating for law enforcement reforms by way of respectful conversations, our candidates were unafraid to address systemic racism and gender bias, as well as clean energy solutions.

By your endorsements and donations, you helped promote our four well-qualified and enthusiastic candidates. Whether in debates, forums, virtual town halls, pop up sign events, podcasts, or other online media platforms, each presented his or her views as sensible alternatives to the oppositions’ party line rhetoric. Our candidates’ positions on government’s role in securing universal broadband access, showing respect for all populations, and promoting our rural economy by investing in public educational institutions gave voice to our shared responsibility for the many who live paycheck to paycheck in Otter Tail County.


Thank you  to Michele Anderson  for SD8; Brittney Johnson  for HR8A; Carol Wenner HR 8B; and David Suby  for HR 2B.  We sincerely hope you will consider leading us DFLers at whatever level and invite you to seek our assistance in championing your concerns in any endeavors you might choose.


We also thank Representative Collin Peterson  for decades of service to the nation and the MN 7th District and wish him good health and the opportunity to offer continued leadership on agricultural issues.

We are honored to know these fine people, and proud each ran positive campaigns promoting common sense, compassion, and civility.


Thank You  for helping to elect Joe Biden  & Kamala Harris for president and vice president and for re-electing Senator Tina Smith our senator in Washington D.C.

The results of our presidential election provide the first step to returning humility, caring, sincerity, honesty and justice to the image our government here and throughout the world.  Whichever causes are closest to your heart, you must keep vigilant to those causes until you are satisfied with the outcomes.


Thank You!


Michael T Windey, Chair

Otter Tail County DFL


Jane Stock, Vice Chair

Otter Tail County DFL




 “The DFL seeks to end discrimination and bigotry in all its forms and to inspire broad participation in our party. As part of our commitment to outreach and inclusion, we will take affirmative steps to increase the participation of members of all underrepresented communities.”


Otter Tail County DFL List of Officers and Directors.  


I would like to share with you our list:


Otter Tail County Executive Board


Michael T. Windey for Chair

Jane Stock for Vice Chair

Ellen Palmer for Secretary

Diane Windey for Treasurer

Erin Gerdes for Outreach


Open position for member 16-25 yrs old


Director Positions:

  1. Kelly Widness
  2. Cornel Walker
  3. Robyne Williams
  4. Paul Haarstick
  5. Paulette Nettestad
  6. Chet Nettestad
  7. LaRon Adkins
  8. Robert Lahman
  9. Doris Heroff


State Wide Central Committee


  1. Michael Windey Chair of Otter Tail County DFL
  2. Jane Stock Vice Chair of Otter Tail County DFL
  3. Frances Huston Member at Large to represent Otter Tail County DFL


Alternates to State Wide Central Committee

  1. Cornel Walker
  2. Diane Windey
  3. Ellen Palmer


You are welcome to join us for our monthly meeting.  We will meet on the fourth Monday of the month at 7 pm on Zoom.  We can have up to 100 individuals so if you would like to attend please drop me a note so I can send you the sign in information.  windeyottertail@gmail .com



Accommodation Resources

Here you can find some recommendations as well as resources on planning unit events.


DFL Party Documents

Here you can find the DFL Constitution, Official Call, Platform, and Action Agenda.


Staff Directory

Here you can find a list of the current DFL Staff as well as their emails to get in contact. Here are some key contacts emails: Party Affairs Questions - Training Questions - VAN Questions - PCR Questions -