Asian Pacific American Caucus

The volunteer-based DFL Asian Pacific American Caucus emphasizes issues important to APA community such as livable wage, career development, and sustainable employment; commerce & economic development; affordable housing; food & agriculture; quality education; culturally appropriate services and healthcare; transportation; immigrants and refugees issues; APA veterans issues; affirmative actions; eliminating discrimination, racial bias, disparities & barriers; equality & justice, equal protection & public safety, freedom & self-determination.


Mission and Goals

The DFL Asian Pacific American Caucus (D-APAC) works to inform the DFL Party and the State about the concerns of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community and further those concerns in the form of Party and governmental policy and elections at all levels.


D-APAC promotes and supports full participation of all APAs in the DFL Party and its activities, advancing the Party`s principles and policies, and electing DFL-APA candidates and other DFL candidates, especially where mutual commitments are made to advance policies, actions, activities, and elections that help the APA community and D-APAC member candidates.


D-APAC provides opportunities in leadership, outreach and engagement, education and training, and other support for the APA community, candidates and members that foster full APA participation in the Party, political processes, policies and decision-making, and in the election of DFL-APAs at all levels of government and Party offices.


D-APAC adheres to the principles, policies, and activities that honor, respect and values all APAs; utilizes affirmative actions; works to eliminate discrimination, bias, inequities and barriers; supports fairness, equality and justice; and fosters accountability and trust.


Membership Activities:

Events, activities and actions will be focused on accomplishing D-APAC’s mission and goals.


In creating a Better Minnesota for Asian Pacific Americans, members will have opportunities to participate in DFL, State and America’s mainstream activities and build capacity for ensuring APA interests and concerns are addressed now and in the future.


As a bridge between the APA community and the Party and political processes that affect them, members will have opportunities to be involved in activities that foster and promote connections, skills, knowledge and understanding, positive interactions, and solutions.


For information on events, activities, meetings, and elections, please visit and the Asian Pacific American Caucus link.



Get Involved:

Please indicate your special interests and areas you want to be involved:


  • Fund Development
  • Organizational & Capacity Development and Legacies
  • Outreach, Recruitment, Inclusion
  • Field Development & Organizing
  • Campaign Activities, GOTV
  • Elections, Endorsements, APA Candidate Development
  • Education, Training & Leadership Development
  • Multi-generational, Multi-cultural Issues
  • Policy, Platform, Legislation, Issues, & Government Relations
  • Constitution & By-laws, Rules, Charter & Amendments, Legal Affairs
  • Events & Special Activities
  • Marketing, Communications, Translations



Accommodation Resources

Here you can find some recommendations as well as resources on planning unit events.


DFL Party Documents

Here you can find the DFL Constitution, Official Call, Platform, and Action Agenda.