Help DFL Party Lawmakers Pass Police Reform

The Problem:

On May 25th, George Floyd was killed by four Minneapolis police officers. George Floyd’s death and the deaths of so many other black people during routine interactions with law enforcement have ignited calls to reform our policing and criminal justice system. It’s clear that there are serious structural inequities in our criminal justice system and we’re committed to tackling those head on.

The Plan:

DFL Party lawmakers have put forward a comprehensive criminal justice and police reform plan. Elements of the plan are listed below and you can read the entire plan here.

Use of Force Reform: Reform of the keystone statute that defines when law enforcement is justified in using deadly force to prioritize sanctity of life.

Alternatives to Policing:  Funding for a co-responder form of policing that pairs officers with social workers when responding to crisis calls and welfare checks.

Police Oversight Reform: Creates a robust framework of accountability of the law enforcement profession.

Training Expansion: Expands training in de-escalation and mental health crisis intervention.

Warrior Training and Choke Holds Prohibited: Prohibits the use of all restraints or holds by law enforcement that purposely restrict a person’s airways or blood flow and ends the use of warrior-style training.

How We Can Get It Done:

The Minnesota state legislature is currently meeting for a special legislative session and the Minnesota DFL Party is committed to using that session to pass police reforms that increase trust, transparency, and accountability and reduce the use of force.

While DFLers control the Minnesota House, Republicans control the Minnesota Senate. We need them on board to make this happen, but Senate Republicans have said they do not plan on taking major action. That has to change.

How You Can Help:

To get Republican Senators on board, we need you to help call key Republican Senators and tell them to pass criminal justice and police reform now or they’ll be voted out of office in November. Here’s who to call:

Republican Senator Warren Limmer – 651-296-2159

Republican Senator Dan Hall – 651-296-5975

Republican Senator Justin Eichorn – 651-296-7079

Republican Senator Jerry Relph – 651-296-6455

Republican Senator Carla Nelson – 651-296-4848

Republican Senator David Senjem – 651-296-3903

Republican Senator Karin Housley – 651-296-4351

Below, we’ve created a short script to help guide your calls for change.

The Script:

Hi there, my name is _____ and I’m calling to demand that Senator _____ pass strong police reform measures, like those proposed by DFL Party lawmakers.

Half measures are not good enough, delays are not acceptable. The time for action is now. The entire country is watching Minnesota right now, and the people of Minnesota are watching what happens during this special session. If you stand in the way of justice, we’ll know.

If you fail to deliver the reforms necessary to build a fair, accountable, and transparent policing system, you will be voted out of office this November.

If they bring up the measures the Senate GOP has proposed:

That’s not good enough. There are serious issues that the Senate has not committed to passing, including reforming the use of force guidelines, strengthening the oversight process, expanding de-escalation training, and more.

If they say they need time to consider these proposals:

You’ve had time. The DFL House included many of these reforms in their 2019 Public Safety bill, but Senate Republicans rejected them. Enough excuses, enough delaying. Do something, now.

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