Congressional District Conventions

Congressional District Party Organizing

A Congressional District is an area established by law for the election of representatives to the U.S. Congress and is the third level of the DFL Party structure.

The boundaries of Congressional Districts are determined by the State legislature and are dependent on the population of the state as well as the number of U.S. representative seats given to Minnesota. In general, each Congressional District is to be as equal as possible in population to all other Congressional Districts of the State. To participate as a delegate in the Congressional District Convention, you will need to be selected by your Organizing Unit. Between conventions, the Congressional District’s Central and Executive Committees are the governing bodies of a Congressional District Party Unit. On even-numbered years, Congressional District Conventions are held with delegates who have been elected at the DFL’s Organizing Unit Conventions. You can learn more about your Congressional District’s organizing efforts here.

Participating in your Congressional District Convention

If you were elected as a delegate or an alternate at your Local Unit Convention, you have the opportunity to participate in your Congressional District Convention. You congressional district convention will run in a similar way to your Organizing Unit Convention but will deal with slightly different business. All conventions follow the DFL Constitution and Official Call in how they are to be run. We use Robert’s Rules of Order to help our meetings run smoothly. Here is a primer to help you fully engage during the convention.

Congressional District Convention Tasks:

  • To endorse Minnesota candidates for U.S. Congress
  • Elect members to State Commissions and Committees for the State Convention
  • Elect Delegates to the National Convention