May 19, 2022

Why is Kim Crockett hiding from the media?

Crockett reportedly pushed to ban press from the MN GOP State Convention

A disturbing trend is emerging with Republican Party-endorsed Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett: Crockett refuses to talk to non-partisan members of the media.

After Crockett was caught playing an anti-Semitic video before her speech at the Republican State Convention, she declined requests for comment from multiple news outlets and reporters. While this would be disturbing on its own, it is far from an isolated incident.

After Crockett was endorsed at the Minnesota Republican Party State Convention, she declined to hold an improvised press conference with reporters and declined to answer questions from the media. While Crockett ducked Minnesota’s Capitol and regional press, she did make time to speak with the right-wing AM980 radio station after securing the MN GOP endorsement.

Before the Republican convention, Crockett reportedly organized an effort to block members of the media from attending the event at all. After this failed, Crockett sent an email to supporters attacking the press, which said in part:

“The corporate media will be with us in the arena. It is not intending to fairly report on our convention. It is coming to repeat a nasty narrative about Republicans. They will be watching and trolling online, actively encouraging us to fight with one another, squander the limited time and run out the clock.”

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“If Kim Crockett cannot explain her words and actions to the people of Minnesota, she does not deserve to represent us. Crockett certainly has a lot to answer for after she released a deeply anti-Semitic campaign video and after she withdrew an apology for her previous racist comments about immigrants. In addition to being decent human beings, our elected officials must be transparent, accountable, and responsive to the people. Crockett meets none of these important criteria, and her silence proves it more and more with each passing day.”

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