August 23, 2022

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Minnesotans Condemn GOP Gubernatorial Candidate for Comparing COVID Regulations to Nazi Germany

Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen received widespread condemnation from Minnesotans for his recently resurfaced comments comparing COVID-19 policies to the Holocaust:

Executive Director of Jewish Community Action, Beth Gendler: “I’m genuinely curious about how Dr. Jensen being forced to wear a mask while picking up string cheese at Costco compares to my family being violently dragged from their home and forced onto a train to Auschwitz”

Board Chair of Jewish Community Action, David Brauer: “Hey @rjc are you good with fundraising for a candidate who compares a public health measure to organized Nazi violence against hundreds of Jewish synagogues, institutions & businesses? That @drscottjensen abuses Jewish memory for his COVID misinformation campaign?”

Former Executive Director of Jewish Community Action, Carin Mrotz: “This man is a serious contender to be our governor; he must be soundly defeated.”

Stop Antisemitism: “Kristallnacht was a 2 day pogrom that: destroyed 7k Jewish owned businesses, burned 267 synagogues, murdered 91 Jews, deported 30,000 Jews to concentration camps. Stop using it as a comparison to anything that’s not listed above @drscottjensen”

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura: “This coming from a man who’s political party attacked our nation’s capitol in an attempted coup d’état. I’ll take wearing a mask to protect my health over worshiping at the feet of wannabe dictator Donny Trump any day.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey: “Not sure how many other elected officials have both implemented masking requirements and lost extended family to the Holocaust. But as someone one who has, I am sure of this: anyone who makes statements like these isn’t informed enough to be talking about either.”

Congressman Dean Phillips: “I believe in our freedom of speech, but comparing Nazi Kristallnacht, which murdered human beings, to the wearing of masks to reduce COVID transmission, which saved human beings – is repulsive and shameful.”

Jason DeRusha, WCCO: “Nothing compares to Nazi Germany; if these comparisons are in your normal conversation- stop.”

Chad Hartman, WCCO: “Stop making Adolf Hitler comparisons. My God, we’re not better than this?… If we’re in 2022, comparing virtually anything to Nazism, to Hitler, to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. What is there to say other than ‘No, stop doing that. It’s not the same?’ It’s not close to the same.”

Blois Olson, Morning Take: “If Hitler or Nazis are coming out of your mouth at any time, when you’re thinking about speaking, it’s not going to go over well, and and I just don’t know how many more years, people have to learn this lesson.”

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