August 'Party Time' Email Updates

Deadline: August 31, 2022

Updates for All Party Leaders!


  • State Central Committee meeting: The next SCC meeting will be held in person on August 13th at Jackpot Junction in Morton, MN.  We will call to order in the morning, specific time will be included in the Official Notice. You can find details as they become available at
  • 100 Days Out weekend of action: Come celebrate 100 days out to the Election with our DFL Weekend of Action July 30th-31st! We will have door knocks, phone banks, and virtual phone banks statewide, all to elect DFLers up and down the ticket! It’s time to fight for our rights and freedoms in Minnesota and you can make a difference! Join us by signing up here!
  • Pick up your posters: Your county fair/event posters are available for pickup! For units in CDs 1, 6, 7, and 8, your posters are with your Regional Organizing Director – email [email protected] if you’re not sure who your ROD is.  For units in CDs 2, 3, 4, and 5, your posters are available for pickup at the DFL headquarters at 255 Plato Blvd. in St. Paul during business hours of Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • State Fair volunteers needed! The DFL is looking for volunteers to help out at our State Fair booth!  You can sign up to volunteer at  Spread the word (and the fun!) to your members and volunteers!
  • Nominations to standing committees are open: Do you want to get more involved in shaping the future of the party? Serving on a state standing committee is a great way to do that!  If you would like to be considered by the Nominations Committee for any of the following standing committees, please fill out the nominations form no later than this Friday, July 29th:
    • Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules Committee
    • Party Affairs & Coordinated Campaign Committee
    • Platform & Issues Committee


Officer’s Corner: Job specific updates and a monthly challenge!


  • August Challenge – Adopt a precinct: Does your unit have precincts/townships that don’t have precinct officers or representation?  Adopt that precinct and grow some leadership there!  Work on finding and training a precinct/township chair who can work with DFLers in their neighborhood to get out the blue vote!


Data and Technology Officers/Teams

  • VAN training: VAN training is new and improved for this campaign cycle!  If you are still using “Likely Party” for your targeting (or if you aren’t sure what that means), it’s time to take a training!  You can check out how to sign up for a training here.
  • August Challenge – Make use of Action Network: Does your unit use Action Network for sending emails to your lists?  This program makes it easy to create and maintain email lists and send emails.  Check out this FAQ if your unit hasn’t already signed up!    If you have signed up already, work with your party officers to send an email about something your unit is doing – perhaps the “100 Days Out” day of action!


Communication Officers/Teams

  • DFL Events Calendar: The DFL Events calendar is fixed!  You can (and should) submit any events your unit is having or participating in by filling out this form.
  • August Challenge – Update your unit’s page on the DFL website: Did you know every party unit has a page on and that your unit can update this with any news, meeting info, or links to your main website and social media.  If no one from your unit has access to your page, you can take a short training to get access at and search for “webpage” in the Content Library of the Training Hub.


Treasures/Fundraising Teams

  • Campaign Finance Board(CFB) Report Due for Party Units TODAY – If you haven’t filed your unit’s report yet, today is the last day to do so on time! You can find resources to help you at under “Filer Resources” on the top menu.
  • August Challenge – Contribute to your candidates: August is a great month for units to make contributions to support their candidates so they can plan for their GOTV expenses. Make a proposed budget to bring to your unit for donating to candidates.  Be aware of the contribution limits in the CFB Handbook for party units, and make sure your candidates are aware of how much money they can receive in total from party units in the CFB Handbook for candidates.



  • Party Leader and Endorsement Spreadsheet: On this spreadsheet you can report any changes to leadership, report your Precinct Chairs, report endorsements and letters of support, check who has signed the Code of Conduct, and find other party resources.
  • Code of Conduct Tracking: All party leaders elected to your unit (including precinct chairs) need to sign the code. Here are the steps you need to take:
    • Direct your leaders to to review and sign the code of conduct.
    • Once a member submits the form, their name will automatically appear on your Leadership Reporting spreadsheet on the “Code of Conduct” tab so you have a record of who has signed.
  • August Challenge – Report your endorsements and letters of support by August 19th: Please make sure to report any endorsements or letters of support you have given on the spreadsheet above, no later than August 19th.  We want to make sure we have a complete list as we head into early voting!  While you’re there, check to make sure all your leadership is reported.  Do you have directors or precinct officers who haven’t made in onto your sheet yet?


Outreach Officers/Vice Chairs

  • DFL Events Calendar: The DFL Events calendar is fixed!  You can (and should) submit any events your unit is having or participating in by filling out this form.
  • August Challenge – Engage with a 100 Days Out event near you: Not only are these days of action important for our candidates, but they’re a great way to engage with volunteers who might not yet be a part of your local unit! Meet and connect with people, and let them know that DFLers are organizing year-round in their area.  It’s a great idea to bring pre-printed notes with the dates and times of your meetings, or an invite to the next event your unit is hosting.


Chairs & Vice Chairs

  • Code of Conduct Review: You should plan to work with your secretary to ensure all of your leaders have filled out the Code of Conduct at One way to support this would be to just go through it as part of the agenda at your next central committee meetings.
  • August Challenge – Check in with your candidates: This is a great time to meet with your candidates and ask how your unit can be most helpful to them as we head into the fall.  Listen to what their needs are and rally your members to help.  Let’s get DFLers elected up and down the ballot!