DFL State Convention

What happens at the state convention?

The DFL State Convention, is the culmination of organizing activities at precinct caucuses and local conventions, where delegates from across Minnesota come together in Rochester, MN May 20-22, 2022 to conduct important business of the DFL State Party. Delegates will be engaged in numerous items of business, including:

  • Endorsing candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Auditor
  • Considering resolutions for inclusion in the Ongoing Platform and Action Agenda
  • Considering amendments to the DFL Constitution and Bylaws
  • See pages 17-22 in the Official Call for more information.

Who may attend the state convention?

The DFL State Convention includes approximately 1,200 delegates who have been elected at their local Organizing Unit Conventions. In addition, there are delegate votes given to state party officers and 16 votes given to Congressional District chairs and vice-chairs. DFL legislators at the state and federal levels as well as tribal representatives are also automatic delegates.

The convention is open to the public. Seating for guests is in the arena balcony area. You must be a delegate or an upgraded alternate to sit on the Convention floor and participate in voting. Alternates are encouraged to attend the Convention, as there are often opportunities to be upgraded to delegate status during the three days of the Convention.

What are the state convention committees and what do they do?

There are four different committees:

Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules recommends changes to the State DFL Constitution and Bylaws. They also hear reports on all delegate and alternate challenges.

Credentials supervises the registration of convention delegates and alternates; prepares the temporary roll of the convention.  The credentials committee hears challenges and then reports its recommendation(s) for resolving any challenge(s) to the Convention.

Platform, Issues, and Legislative Affairs prepares the State Convention ballot for considering changes to the Ongoing Platform and adoption of the biennial Action Agenda.

Rules proposes final rules for the State Convention to adopt when it is called to order. Until the Convention adopts its final rules, it is governed by the Temporary and Proposed Permanent Rules and Agenda for the State Convention, found on pages 18-22 in the 2022-23 Official Call The Rules Committee will publish Proposed Permanent Rules in early May 2022 to be voted on for adoption by the Convention body.

How are the community caucuses involved?

The DFL Community Caucuses and Community Outreach Organizations play a large part in what makes the Minnesota DFL such a vibrant and inclusive party, and nowhere will this shine more than at the State Convention. DFLers from around Minnesota, from different communities and perspectives, will have a unique opportunity to come together to rally around our shared values and issues. These vital DFL organizations are encouraged to table at the Convention and meet throughout Convention weekend.