June 9, 2022

Scott Jensen’s Plan Has Zero New Funding for Local Police

Governor Walz has proposed a plan to provide hundreds of millions in funding to local police departments while Scott Jensen’s new public safety plan proposes $0

Today, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement in response to Scott Jensen’s public safety plan, which includes zero additional funding for local police departments.

“Scott Jensen’s one-page plan provides zero new funding for local police departments while Governor Walz has proposed hundreds of millions,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “After seeing how hard he has been trying to sink a bipartisan budget deal that would provide $450 million for public safety, it’s unsurprising that funding local police departments isn’t a priority for Scott Jensen. From opposing universal background checks to the budget deal on public safety, Scott Jensen has shown that he’s unserious about stopping crime and gun violence.”

Scott Jensen has urged Senate Republicans to sink the bipartisan budget deal that would provide $450 million in funding for public safety.

Governor Walz has championed a plan to provide hundreds of millions directly to cities to support their law enforcement agencies and protect public safety.

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