July 8, 2020

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jason Lewis Echoes Scott Jensen’s Misinformation About Coronavirus that Has Jensen Under Investigation

As Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen is being investigated by the state medical board for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 by comparing it to the common flu and spreading a conspiracy theory that states are artificially inflating their coronavirus death tolls, here’s a good reminder that Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis has echoed this reckless rhetoric:

  • Steven Bannon scolded Jason Lewis for falsely claiming that hospitals were classifying non-COVID-19 deaths as such: “Are you gonna be one of these guys that argues the death count? Yes or No?” Bannon bluntly told Lewis, “I guarantee the way you’re gonna lose in Minnesota in the fall is argue the death count. Just a word to the wise.”
  • Jason Lewis repeatedly downplayed the coronavirus and comparedit to the common cold and flu, even calling it a “wintertime sickness.”
  • Lewis visited Jensen’s clinic to double down on the conspiracy theory that the government would make people get “vaccines with tattoos to make certain you’ve got one.”

Jason Lewis and Scott Jensen’s fueling conspiracy theories and misinformation is harmful to Minnesotans, and shows their blatant disregard for Minnesotans’ safety during a global pandemic that has killed over a hundred thousand Americans.

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