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Senate Republicans Refuse to Fund Police


Today, Senate Republicans turned their backs on Minnesotans when they walked away from the bipartisan budget agreement they previously committed to. 

The budget deal they are refusing to pass included $4 billion in tax relief for Minnesotans, $1 billion for public schools, and $450 million for public safety.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Today, Senate Republicans walked away from a deal to give police the resources they need to fight crime, cut billions in taxes, and invest in schools and infrastructure across Minnesota.

“When Minnesota Republicans tell you they care about crime, inflation, and gas prices, they are lying to you. If Republicans cared, they would not have walked away from a deal to make Minnesota safer and put money in people’s pockets. It is clear that Republicans would rather use the problems facing our state for their own political gain than actually solve those problems.”