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Scott Jensen to Speak at Anti-Vax Summit This Weekend


Jensen will be sharing the stage with the country’s leading COVID-19 conspiracy theorists

On Saturday, September 25th, Scott Jensen will be a featured speaker at the anti-vaccine Global Health Freedom Summit. This event is just the latest example of Jensen’s habit of appearing at anti-vaccine events and speaking alongside notorious anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists.

At the Global Health Freedom Summit, Jensen will be sharing the stage with a group of prominent liars and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists, including:

DFL Party Communications Director Brian Evans released the following statement:
“Let’s not mince words: Scott Jensen is an anti-vaxxer. Only an anti-vaxxer would share a stage with notorious liars like Sherry “Vaccines Magnetize You” Tenpenny, only an anti-vaxxer would legitimize conspiracy theorists who say vaccines cause autism and contain microchips, and only an anti-vaxxer would sue to stop children from being vaccinated. Jensen does not support health freedom, he opposes the single best tool we have to bring this pandemic to an end: vaccination.”

“Jensen has spent the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading dangerous disinformation claiming it’s “medical advice” – putting Minnesotans at serious risk. Our state deserves leaders they can trust and that is not Scott Jensen.”