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Scott Jensen Banned From Advertising On Facebook After Repeatedly Spreading COVID-19 Disinformation


Yesterday, in a fundraising email, Scott Jensen announced he had been banned from advertising on Facebook for repeatedly spreading disinformation and debunked content about COVID-19 and the vaccine. He was previously kicked off TikTok for the same offense.

Scott Jensen has made a name for himself as a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist. He has spread disinformation about COVID-19, posted anti-vaccine videos on social media, and joined an effort – spearheaded by a January 6th insurrectionists – to stop kids aged 12-15 from getting the vaccine, despite the CDC recommendation that they do so. Recently, Jensen falsely claimed that children’s hearts were “exploding” due to side effects from COVID-19 vaccines.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Scott Jensen is a conspiracy theorist plain and simple. As a doctor, he should be encouraging Minnesotans to get the vaccine, not fearmongering to advance his political career. I am glad that more and more social media companies are recognizing how dangerous and reckless Jensen’s comments are and taking the appropriate steps to stop Jensen from being able to spread dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine propaganda.”