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Ryan Wilson could not care less about transparency and accountability


Wilson is a right-wing extremist  with a history of working for corrupt politicians looking to further his political agenda in the Auditor’s office

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement in response to Ryan Wilson’s endorsement from the Republican Party of Minnesota:

“The fact that Ryan Wilson served as an election lawyer for Donald Trump, the most corrupt president in living memory, is proof that Wilson could not care less about transparency and accountability in government. 

“Wilson also cannot credibly tell Minnesotans he’s running to remove politics from the Auditor’s office when he has been a leader in multiple, far-right groups. Minnesotans deserve an Auditor with integrity, and that is not Ryan Wilson.”

Background on Wilson:

At a recent campaign event, Wilson admitted to working as an election lawyer for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. During his presidency, Donald Trump used his office to funnel astonishing amounts of taxpayer money into his pockets at every opportunity possible. Trump was even impeached for withholding weapons for Ukraine until they manufactured dirt on a political opponent.

While Wilson claims to be non-partisan, his career proves otherwise. Wilson was recently a Law and Liberty Fellow at the Institute for Justice, a libertarian, Koch-funded law firm. The Institute for Justice has worked to send public funds to private schools and successfully sued to eliminate part of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act that attempted to limit big money in elections.

In his staff biography for the Institute for Justice, Wilson says he was “president of the local student chapter of the Federalist Society,” a conservative legal organization working to place far-right judicial activists into the court system. The Federalist Society helped Donald Trump select his Supreme Court nominees and has been working to overturn Roe v. Wade