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Republican Senate Candidate Jason Lewis Says Steps to Protect Minnesotans during Coronavirus Pandemic an Attempt to “Scare People”


Against health experts’ advice, Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis continues to dismiss peoples’ fears about coronavirus, refuses to acknowledge that the pandemic remains a real threat to Minnesotans, and blatantly peddles misinformation and debunked conspiracy theories.

Earlier this week, Lewis took to the radio show “Justice & Drew” to claim that steps to flatten the COVID-19 curve and save lives–such as the importance of social distancing–are an attempt to “scare people,” saying they’re just trying to basically scare people, which has long been a tactic of the state, to scare people into anything — you can give up your liberty because you’re scared” [41:20].

In the same interview, Lewis continues spreading misinformation to Minnesotans–doubling down on a COVID-19 conspiracy theory that the government would make people get “vaccines with tattoos to make certain you’ve got one,” (the conspiracy theory has been debunked here and here and here). [43:07]

Lewis refusal to follow the expert advice of medical professionals shows that his agenda and worldviews are in stark contrast to what Minnesotans need and deserve.