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RELEASE THE LOGS: DFL Calls on Tyler Kistner to Release Travel Logs for Improbable $26,000 Self-Payment


Kistner is facing an FEC complaint for shady mileage reimbursements which would have required him to drive the width of the U.S. more than 16 times

Today, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is demanding that MN-02 Republican candidate Tyler Kistner release travel logs to prove his claim that he drove nearly 46,000 miles for campaign purposes. Kistner is facing an FEC complaint for potentially violating election law after he appeared to fraudulently use money from his campaign to pay himself.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement calling on Kistner to release his travel logs:

“What is more likely: that Tyler Kistner drove nearly a quarter of the way to the moon campaigning in ‘a fairly small suburban district,’ or that he broke the law and lied to Minnesotans to pad his own pocket? Tyler Kistner must release his travel logs immediately and pay his donors back for anything he fraudulently pocketed.”


The FEC complaint and calls for Kistner to release his travel logs follow an investigative report in the Star Tribune which found that Kistner has been paying himself “unusually high” mileage reimbursements from his campaign totaling more than $26,000. And, according to multiple nonpartisan ethics experts, Kistner’s shady reimbursement scheme just doesn’t add up.

Kistner’s campaign has now refused to prove his suspiciously high travel reimbursements to multiple media outlets, and it’s no wonder why — he’ll do anything to avoid the truth that he appears to have swindled Minnesotans.