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New Video Shows Jason Lewis Proclaiming He’s ‘Not Real Keen’ on Certain Minnesotans Voting


As Minnesotans prepare to vote in tomorrow’s State Primary, new video footage of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis shows him admitting that he’s not real keen on [unemployed voters] going to the polls or the caucus system.”

Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin called Lewis’ comments “outrageous and undemocratic.”

Lewis’ newly surfaced comments come as tens of thousands of Minnesotans have lost their jobs or taken a pay cut due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and amid all of this Lewis has repeatedly expressed opposition to making it easier for Minnesotans to vote by mail.

Lewis made the comments on a public affairs show he co-hosted called Face-to-Face:

“I know this runs counter to the conventional wisdom and the touchy-feely, we’re a democracy, we wanna get everybody involved but if somebody that makes a living out of watching Wheel of Fortune, I’m not real keen on them going to the polls or the caucus system.”

Watch video of Lewis’ comments here.

“Jason Lewis’ belief that those facing economic hardship should not be allowed to vote is outrageous and undemocratic,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “This is just further proof that Jason Lewis will always push his rigid and unyielding views ahead of Minnesotans – even when it comes to their right to make their voices heard this election.”

Face-to-Face is the same show where Lewis said the government shouldn’t have anything to do with farming and that he would let Minnesota farms fail.