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MN GOP Lawmaker Would Force 10-Year-Old to Give Birth


On a recent podcast episode, Republican State Representative Tony Albright confirmed that he would force a pregnant 10-year-old child and victim of sexual assault to give birth. Albright’s comments came about 42 minutes into last Friday’s episode of the Wrong About Everything podcast.

Host: “…and so you believe that the 10-year-old should be required to – should be forced to carry that child to term – to give birth?”

Rep. Albright: “In this case, yes.”

A few minutes earlier in the podcast, Albright falsely claimed that the story of a pregnant 10-year-old child in Ohio was not corroborated. Numerous outlets have reported on the arrest of the suspect in the case which forced a child to travel from Ohio to Indiana to receive an abortion.

Albright’s remarks came during a discussion about Matt Birk’s outrage and offensive claims that abortion rights advocates “always want to go to the rape card” and that “our culture loudly but also stealthily promotes abortion” by telling women that “they should have careers”.

“It is deeply disturbing that Representative Albright would force a 10-year-old child and victim of sexual assault to give birth,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Sadly, Albright’s cruelty has become the norm in the Minnesota Republican Party. Republicans from Scott Jensen and Matt Birk on down the ballot have made it clear that they will work to pass a barbaric abortion ban with no exception for victims of sexual assault if they win in November. We can’t let that happen.”