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MN GOP Embarks on COVID Across Minnesota Bus Tour


Maskless, indoor campaign stops come despite rising COVID-19 levels in MN

Today, the Minnesota Republican Party kicked off another bus tour featuring numerous maskless, indoor campaign stops. This tour comes despite the massive potential to spread COVID-19 at maskless, indoor events and despite the fact that Minnesota is seeing more new COVID-19 cases per day than at almost any other time during this pandemic.

The tour launched in Preston, Minnesota where attendees gathered indoors, in close proximity to one another, and without almost any masks:

Stops on the tour include PrestonRochesterKassonAlbert LeaAustinWasecaNew Ulm, and Le Sueur, most of which appear to be indoors.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Minnesota Republicans are desperate to distract from their failure to manage the public health and economic crises facing our state and nation, but it won’t work. Minnesotans know the truth: Republicans at every level are making the COVID-19 pandemic worse. Nationally, President Trump has allowed this virus to tear through America virtually unchecked while here in Minnesota, the Republican Party is holding dangerous, maskless, indoor events that could spread COVID-19 across our state.

“The best way to reopen our businesses and our classrooms is to wear a mask and practice social distancing. By refusing to take basic safety precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19, Minnesota Republicans are actively working against the health of Minnesotans, the small business owners trying to safely reopen, and schools working to resume in-person classes in a safe and secure way. We deserve responsible leadership during this pandemic and it’s clear we will not get that from the Republican Party.”