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Minnesota House Republican Pledges to Introduce Texas-Style Abortion Ban


Republican State Representative Tim Miller has pledged to introduce a Texas-style abortion ban in Minnesota during the next state legislative session, according to recent reporting from the Minnesota News Network. In a recent legislative update, Miller praised the Texas abortion ban, bragged about authoring similar bills in Minnesota, and promised to introduce further restrictions on abortion care in the future.

In a previous version of Miller’s Texas-style abortion ban, doctors who provide abortion care after roughly six weeks of pregnancy could be jailed for up to a year and fined $3,000.

DFL Party Communications Director Brian Evans released the following statement: 

“Republican Representative Tim Miller’s draconian anti-abortion bill, which would ban abortion before many even know they are pregnant, cannot become law. This latest Republican effort to ban abortion poses a serious threat to the health and reproductive freedom of Minnesotans across our state.

Minnesota Republicans have made it clear that if they take the state house and one of their far-right, anti-abortion candidates for governor wins in 2022, they will move swiftly to enact a Texas-style abortion ban against the wishes of a large majority of Minnesotans. To stop that from happening, it is essential that DFLers win up and down the ballot in the upcoming midterm elections.”


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