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Kim Crockett Would Make It Harder to Vote


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin issued the following statement in response to Kim Crockett’s announced run for Secretary of State:

“Kim Crockett wants to make it harder for you to vote. She is running to restrict your freedom to vote by attacking common-sense things like early voting and vote by mail. Crockett’s lack of respect for the rights of her fellow Minnesotans is no surprise since she was recently suspended from her job and forced to apologize for making comments so racist they made headlines in the New York Times.”

“Minnesota’s elections are free and fair, and we are proud to have the highest voter turnout in the nation. Voters are clearly confident in our election system and the tremendous work Secretary of State Simon has done to ensure we have a thriving democratic process. The last thing Minnesotans want is a far-right bigot like Kim Crockett attacking our freedom to vote.”

Background on Kim Crockett: