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Kim Crockett wants to make it harder for you to vote


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement regarding Kim Crockett securing the Minnesota Republican Party’s endorsement in her bid to become Secretary of State:

“Kim Crockett is an election conspiracy theorist who has pledged to restrict early voting, roll back vote-by-mail, and make it harder for older Minnesotans and folks in Greater Minnesota to cast their ballots. Crockett is also a bigot who was suspended from her job for complaining about how visible non-European immigrants are in Minnesota.

“Kim Crockett wants to make it harder for Minnesotans across the state to vote. Minnesota has the highest voter turnout in the nation because we respect, value, and cherish our freedom to vote, and we cannot let Kim Crockett take that freedom from any of us.”

Background on Kim Crockett:

  • Kim Crockett is a far-right attorney who has spent years working to make it harder to vote.
  • Crockett is an election conspiracy theorist.
  • Crockett is a bigot who cannot be trusted to stand up for her fellow Minnesotans.