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Ken Martin Unanimously Re-Elected to Lead Democratic State Parties


Martin to continue strengthening Democratic infrastructure in 3rd term as head of the Association of State Democratic Committees


Today, Ken Martin was unanimously reelected President of the Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC), the organization within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that works to organize, coordinate with, and advocate for Democratic State Parties across the nation. Martin was first elected to lead the ASDC in 2017. In addition to this role, Martin also serves as the Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

“I am honored to have been unanimously re-elected to serve a third term as President of the ASDC and I look forward to continuing our important work of strengthening Democratic infrastructure across America,” said ASDC President Ken Martin. “During my first two terms as ASDC President, I worked hard to secure historic agreements with Chair Perez and the DNC that greatly improved coordination between state and national Democratic parties and helped build the structures needed to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I look forward to continuing our party’s work of electing champions for justice, freedom, fairness, and opportunity for all Americans.”

“The Democratic Party is strong when our state parties are strong, and Ken Martin’s work at the ASDC has made our state parties stronger than ever,” said Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and President Emeritus of the ASDC. “Ken understands that there are no off-years and that our work does not stop after election day. Thanks to the partnerships he forged between the DNC and ASDC, our party’s electoral infrastructure is more durable than ever before and we stand ready to continue building on our incredible electoral gains these last four years.”

Here in Georgia, we know that organizing wins elections,” said Congresswoman and Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia Nikema Williams. “Ken Martin knows that too, and I’m glad we have an organizer like him leading the ASDC. Democrats cannot rest on our laurels, we need to continue working hard if we are going to enact an agenda that lifts up all Americans. Ken will ensure Democratic State Parties across the country have the support they need to fight for our shared values and win.”

“Ken Martin has done tremendous work to revitalize our Democratic Party when we needed it most,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “His ‘build to win, build to last’ approach helped create the infrastructure our party used to take back Congress and the White House. The last time Democrats took power in Washington, our electoral infrastructure fell into disrepair. I am confident that will not happen again with Ken at the helm of the ASDC.”