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Joe Biden Delivers Financial Relief to the American People


Thursday, April 29th will mark President Joe Biden’s 100th day in office. To commemorate this, the DFL Party will spend the week highlighting various accomplishments of the start of Biden’s presidency. Today, the party is highlighting Biden’s successful efforts to provide economic relief to the American people.

On March 11th, after less than two months in office, President Biden signed his American Rescue Plan into law, putting money in Minnesotans’ pockets and alleviating poverty. A low or middle-income family of four will get $5,600 in direct payments.

Over 85% of households in Minnesota received $1,400 stimulus checks. That includes more than 3,462,000 adults and 1,296,400 children in Minnesota – the largest direct payment to date. Nationwide, 66 million kids have benefited from the American Rescue Plan’s child tax credit. Biden’s efforts are projected to cut child poverty in half while pulling millions of adults out of poverty.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement championing the Biden Administration’s ongoing success in alleviating financial hardships for Americans:

“America is getting back on track because of the economic relief President Joe Biden championed and signed into law. COVID-19 caused real financial hardship for the American people and President Biden’s tireless work to alleviate those burdens shows that our nation has a leader who understands the needs of every American and fights for us.

“Thanks to the $1,400 checks and child tax credit included in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, child poverty will be cut in half across the United States and millions of families will have an easier time balancing their budgets. Joe Biden is delivering on his promise to defeat COVID-19, kickstart the American economy, and build back better.”