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Jason Lewis Says He Has ‘No Disagreements’ With President on Issues, Proves He Lacks Independence to Choose What’s Best for Minnesota


In an interview with KMRS/KKOK last Friday, when Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis was asked if there were any issues he differed from President Trump on, Lewis said, “…it’s not a time to look for a crack in the movement,” and added “I have no disagreements.” Listen to the full interview here, and Lewis’ remarks begin at 8:44.

This comes after Lewis also refused to name a single policy (or tweet) where he disagreed with Trump earlier this year. In February, on WCCO Sunday Morning with Esme Murphy, Lewis was asked if there was anything President Trump has done that he does not support or endorse. Lewis responded by saying, “Well, good policy is good politics. And I agree with his policies, so why would I oppose anything?”

Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party Chairman Ken Martin on Lewis’s comments:

“Once again, Jason Lewis has placed his far-right ideology ahead of the needs of Minnesotans by signaling his complete support for Donald Trump’s disastrous agenda. It should disturb voters that Lewis has no disagreements with Trump’s draconian attacks on people with pre-existing conditions, his plans to slash Social Security to the bone, or his failed response to the COVID pandemic.

This is just more evidence that Jason Lewis will continue to put his political party ahead of the interests of Minnesotans across our state.”

Lewis’ blank check of support has proven he is a rubber stamp for President Trump with no independence and no concern for what’s best for Minnesota. His comments come days after the release of Trump’s explosive interview with Bob Woodward in which the President admitted to playing down the severity of the coronavirus.

In addition to Trump’s disastrous response to the pandemic, Lewis has ‘no disagreements’ with Trump. He has repeatedly said he agrees with the president’s attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Actgut Social Security and defund the United States Postal Service to make it harder for Americans to cast their ballots, an agenda which the people of Minnesota are firmly rejecting.