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Jason Lewis Falsely Claims Children Can’t Transmit Coronavirus


Lewis continues to downplay seriousness of COVID-19 and spread misinformation

As Minnesota sees its first COVID-19-related death of a child, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis continues to spread misinformation about the coronavirus that has taken over 140,000 lives.

On Monday, July 20, Lewis took to the radio show “Justice & Drew,” once again, to peddle misinformation about the transmission of COVID-19, saying that children “don’t transmit [the coronavirus], and certainly don’t transmit asymptomatically.”

This claim is refuted by a new study that shows children do in fact transmit the virus.

The same day Lewis made his false claim, the Star Tribune reported Minnesota’s first child death from COVID-19 amid a rise in cases across the state.

Jason Lewis’ false claims pose a serious threat to Minnesotans. He continues to disregard public health experts and deny the fact that younger Minnesotans are at risk of transmitting the deadly virus.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Lewis has been downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic by comparing it to the flu, and has continuously denigrated public health experts while spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about the virus.