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ICYMI: MN GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Battling Obscurity While Governor Walz In Strong Position


Despite being considered the “frontrunners” in the GOP gubernatorial primary, a recent poll showed Scott Jensen, Michelle Benson, and Paul Gazelka, polling in line with and sometimes below three much lesser-known candidates; Mike Murphy, Neil Shah, and Mike Marti. Meanwhile, Governor Walz is in a very strong position with an approval rating of 55 percent heading into the new year. 

The KSTP poll showed that all six candidates were trailing Governor Walz by double digits despite the months they’ve spent doing interviews on right-wing media, attending events with Proud Boys and insurrectionists, and in Scott Jensen’s case, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote himself. 

Chairman of the Minnesota DFL Party, Ken Martin, released the following statement; 

“These results show that Governor Walz is in a strong position to win re-election and that Minnesotans aren’t interested in the right-wing agenda of the state’s Republican party. After months on the campaign trail, Michelle Benson, Paul Gazelka, and Scott Jensen are trailing Mike Murphy, a candidate with no name recognition who has barely been campaigning. It appears the Minnesota GOP is going to be disappointed in November regardless of whose name is at the top of the ticket.”