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ICYMI: GOP SOS Candidate Kim Crockett Campaigned at Election Conspiracy Event


Crockett passed out literature at an event headlined by advisor to Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell

Today, the Minnesota Reformer reported that Minnesota Republican Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett was handing out campaign materials at an event in Brainerd headlined by prominent election conspiracy theorist Seth Keshel, who baselessly alleges the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Per the Minnesota Reformer:

After the election, Keshel and other current and former military men partnered with ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and lawyer Sidney Powell to claim the election was stolen.

The former Army captain admits he went from being a nobody before the 2020 election to being praised by Trump after he claimed in August there were more than 8 million “excess votes” for President Joe Biden. He claimed Trump won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Minnesota.

Keshel offers as proof his opinion that if Biden got 81 million votes, Democrats should have killed it in the U.S. House — but didn’t. Which ignores the fact that Democratic voters tend to be packed into a smaller number of dense, urban congressional districts, where anti-Trump fervor led to huge margins for Biden, while Democratic congressional candidates struggled outside major metro areas. 

Among Keshel’s other proof: That Trump spent “tons of time” in Minnesota, but didn’t win. Which ignores the strong possibility — backed by every public poll — that Trump simply wasn’t well liked by a majority of Minnesotans. 

And a Republican candidate for secretary of state, Kim Crockett, handed out literature at the Brainerd event, and called Weible a “voter data hero” on Facebook.

USA Today and the Associated Press both fact checked Keshel’s claims and found them to be baseless. Keshel declined to provide details backing up his claims to either USA Today or AP, telling USA Today that, “If I sent everyone information, I’d get nothing done.”

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“By campaigning at an election conspiracy event, Kim Crockett has shown Minnesotans that she does not belong within 1,000 miles of the Secretary of State’s office. Putting an election conspiracy theorist like Crockett in charge of Minnesota’s elections would be an unmitigated disaster.

“Secretary of State Simon has done a fantastic job of ensuring Minnesota’s elections are free and fair, and that hard work is a big reason why Minnesota consistently has the highest voter turnout in the nation.”