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GOP Pushes Tax Cuts for Wealthy Minnesotans


Today, Thursday, February 24, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement blasting the Senate GOP proposal for a yet another tax cut for Minnesota’s wealthiest families:

“Republicans are robbing Minnesota schools to pay for another tax cut for the wealthy,” said Martin. “Minnesotans need a plan that prioritizes middle-class and low-income families, not one that gives tax cuts to the rich. Governor Walz and DFLers will send money directly to Minnesotans who need cash now, enact targeted tax cuts for families, and deliver bonuses to frontline workers, all without cutting funding for our public schools.”

The GOP tax plan would cost $8.5 billion over the next three years and cripple Minnesota’s ability to fund public schools, provide resources for law enforcement, and maintain Minnesota’s roads and bridges.

Minnesota Senate Republicans have also introduced bills that would shift money out of Minnesota’s public schools and toward voucher-style programs, further straining public schools’ budgets.