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FACT CHECK: Donald Trump Lies About His Vow to Never Return to Minnesota


ST PAUL – This evening, Donald Trump lied to Minnesotans again in an interview ahead of his Friday visit, claiming “I never said I’d never come back. I never even thought of that. I thought I won in 2020 easily” (video available here).


FACT CHECK: Those are Trump’s exact words – in 2020, Trump said, “I lose Minnesota, I’m never coming back — I don’t care. I’m never coming back!


Trump insistence that he “won in 2020 easily” in Minnesota is another lie. He lost Minnesota by 7 points in 2020.


Donald Trump has shown over and over again that he doesn’t respect Minnesotans enough not to lie to our faces,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “If Trump is willing to lie about things he has said and done on video, he will lie about anything. Minnesotans will see through these lies and hold Trump accountable for the extreme MAGA agenda that he is trying to force on our state.”