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DFLers slam Trump on long-term jobs strategy as July BLS report shows slowdown in hiring


Leaders call out Trump’s ineffective approach, voice support for Biden’s Buy American plan

Following the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report this morning, DFL leaders are speaking out about Trump’s failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and the devastating impact it’s had on Minnesota’s economy. Today’s jobs report reflects a slowdown in hiring after Trump’s failure to contain the virus forced many states back into lockdown. America is hurting, and we’re still 12.9 million jobs under where we were in February. This continued bad news comes as Joe Biden has put forward his own plan to create millions of new manufacturing jobs and ensure the future is made in all of America by all of America’s workers.

Here’s what DFL leaders are saying:

Former Congressman Rick Nolan: “The American story has always been rooted in our ability to take on whatever challenges we face. We are in a moment where big decisions need to be made about how we help all Americans thrive. But the simple truth is, President Trump has ignored science, under-funded research and development, and implemented policies that encourage more manufacturing to move overseas. As President, Joe Biden will do more than bring back the jobs lost due to the pandemic, he will create millions of new manufacturing and innovation jobs throughout America.”

Jay Arnston, United Steelworkers Local 63 President: “Trump’s manufacturing strategy is trickle-down economics that works for corporate executives and Wall Street investors, but not working families. He handed massive tax cuts to the largest multinationals with no requirement that they invest in the United States or favor U.S. jobs over offshoring. Joe Biden’s plan will marshal the resources of the federal government in ways that we have not seen since World War II. Working side-by-side with President Joe Biden, we will remake American manufacturing and innovation so that the future is made in America by all of America’s workers.”

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson: “Even before coronavirus, Minnesotans faced big challenges — from getting fair pay for their work to living in strong and stable communities. Six months into Donald Trump’s failed pandemic response, those challenges are only getting worse. We need to invest in all our workers, regardless of race, background, zip code, or religion. Joe Biden understands that. As President, he will make sure federal investments reach cities like Duluth — and will make historic investments in communities of color and small businesses. That’s the leadership we need — and it’s how we will build back better than ever before.”

Karen Diver, former Native American Affairs Advisor to President Obama: “Last week, Ivanka Trump came to Minnesota for a photo op in an attempt to gloss over the Trump administration’s abysmal response to the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has disproportionately hit Indian Country and yet Trump attempted to give $0 to tribes in the CARES Act. As we come out of this crisis, major investments must go to Indian Country so that we can strengthen the health and resiliency of our communities. I’ve seen Joe Biden’s plan to Build Back Better, and it’s clear he understands the challenges we face and is committed to working with us.”