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DFL Party Statement on Project Veritas Video


Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota DFL Party, released the following statement in response to the video put out by Project Veritas:

“Project Veritas is a discredited, far-right propaganda outfit known for lying, entrapment, and breaking the law. At a time when President Trump is trying to use fake claims of voter fraud to subvert a free and fair election, anyone that uses completely unverified information from a right-wing propaganda group to bolster the President’s bogus claims is doing real harm to our democracy. While the Republican Party tries to subvert our democracy, the DFL Party is working hard to ensure that every eligible voter can fully and freely participate in our elections. If Representative Drazkowski or any organization has evidence of illegal activities occurring around our elections, they should immediately present that evidence to the proper authorities so they can begin a thorough investigation.”

Project Veritas and their founder, James O’Keefe, have a long history of lying, entrapment, breaking the law, and manipulating evidence in order to produce undercover videos that fit a particular narrative.

Below are numerous examples that illustrate Project Veritas’ penchant for producing fake news.