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DFL Party Statement on Jennifer Carnahan’s Run for Congress


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement on Jennifer Carnahan’s recently announced run for Congress:

“It was not long ago that Jennifer Carnahan had to resign in disgrace as Chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party after her complete and total mismanagement of the organization became public.

“First, a political ally and close friend of Carnahan’s was indicted for child sex trafficking. Then, four of Carnahan’s former executive directors accused her of fostering a toxic work environment, other staffers accused Carnahan of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment, and yet another staffer said she was outed against her wishes by Carnahan and subsequently harassed. Jennifer Carnahan’s leadership ability has been entirely discredited by those who worked most closely with her. It is clear that Carnahan has no business serving in any elected office whatsoever.”