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DFL Party Statement on GOP Attempt to Get Kanye West on the Ballot in Minnesota


St. Paul, MN – DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement on the obvious Republican attempt to get Kanye West on the ballot in Minnesota:

“Let’s be clear about what’s happening here: Donald Trump doesn’t think he can win this election fair and square after his failure to contain COVID-19 brought about mass deaths across America and crashed our economy, so his cronies are trying to get Kanye West on the ballot in a pathetic attempt to pull votes from Joe Biden and steal this election for Trump.

“The DFL Party is reviewing all available options for defending the integrity of our elections.”

Numerous outlets have reported on clear connections between the Republican Party, the Trump campaign, and those seeking to place West on the ballot in various swing states:

From CNN:
“Republican operatives, some with ties to President Donald Trump, are actively helping Kanye West get on presidential general election ballots in states ranging from Vermont to Arkansas to Wisconsin.”


“People affiliated with West’s campaign spent much of Tuesday collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot in Wisconsin. And the effort appears to have succeeded, as Lane Ruhland, a longtime Republican lawyer with ties to the state party and Trump campaign, dropped the signatures off to the state’s election board nearly at the deadline.”

“Gregg Keller, a Missouri Republican operative, was involved with the effort to file West’s paperwork in Ohio, according to a source familiar with the effort.

From Vice:
“Rachel George, a longtime Republican operative in Colorado, sent an email to at least one other local GOP strategist on Tuesday asking them to sign West’s Presidential Electors’ Acceptance of Nomination form so he can appear on the 2020 ballot in Colorado.”