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DFL Party Responds to Scott Jensen’s Run for Governor


Scott Jensen_ Quack and COVID Conspiracy TheoristToday, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement in response to failed one-term Republican state senator Scott Jensen’s run for governor of Minnesota:

“Scott Jensen is a dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy theorist who has been caught spreading lies about the pandemic, palling around with anti-vaccine extremists, and downplaying the virus that has taken over half a million American lives. Numerous doctors, public health officials, and independent fact-checkers have sharply criticized Jensen for peddling damaging disinformation and fanning the flames of conspiracy that have caused real harm across our state and country. We deserve honest leaders that will help us get through this pandemic, not quacks like Scott Jensen. The last thing Minnesotans need is someone like failed one-term state senator Jensen anywhere near the governor’s mansion, especially during times of crisis.”

Jensen’s run for governor is evidenced by an examination of the publicly available site map of Site maps are lists of a website’s structure that search engines use to collect information.

For more on Jensen’s COVID conspiracy theorizing, false fact-checks, and disinformation dissemination, see the DFL Party’s research memo on Jensen here: