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DFL Party Lauds House Passage of Frontline Worker Bonus Pay Bill


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement after DFLers in the Minnesota House of Representatives passed an expanded frontline worker bonus pay bill: 

“I’m thrilled to see DFLers in the Minnesota House deliver for the workers that kept our state running during the worst of the pandemic. These frontline workers put their health and safety at risk to support the rest of Minnesota back when there were no vaccines and limited treatment options. While Republicans want to limit which workers on the front line of the COVID outbreak receive a bonus, DFLers are committed to delivering for as many of these workers as possible.”

The DFL proposal would deliver a $1,500 bonus check to roughly 667,000 Minnesotans who worked on the frontlines of the pandemic. Eligible Minnesotans include those working in manufacturing, child care, senior care, transportation, corrections, health care, emergency response, and more who make less than $85,000.

The Republican proposal only offers $1,200 in bonus pay, would only go to workers in a limited number of fields, and has no income limit.